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Web Site Design

   Your web site may be the first impression many get of your company. You need it to look professional and be easy to navigate.

   Why use a professional to design your web site?

   You may have heard about the many software packages available to create web sites. You, or someone you know, may even be able to use one of these to generate a good looking, functional web site. The problem is, your new web site may look good on your system, but, it may look completely different on someone else's computer. Many things come into play here including screen resolutions, color pallets, and browser used. Your site may end up completely unusable to many users. Also, if you will be relying on the search engines to bring surfers to your site, there are many subtle things you can do to increase your standing.

   We have the background and experience to give you a professional looking, functional web site that will always look good and act as intended. We know when it is appropriate and 'safe' to use things like Java, frames, and animation. Please take a look at some of the other web sites we have created.

   Please call or email us if you need further information or a quote.

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