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FTP Server Space

Our New Secure FTP Server product is called

NEW!! We now offer an easy to use alternative to FTP.
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   FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP server space is an area on the Internet you and maybe your clients can send and receive files. We have a graphics printing company using FTP server space to collect graphics files from their customers. We also have a software company using FTP server space to distribute their software to clients. Transferring audio files for medical transcription is another popular use.

   Your cost is based on your monthly FTP traffic. It is $30 per Gig transferred or part there of. One Gig equals 1,000 Megs. If you have a 1 meg file ( 1,000,000 bytes ) and it was downloaded 1,000 times during the month of June, this equals one Gig and your fee for June would be $30. We provide monthly reports on the web showing your daily traffic and monthly totals.

   Free software is available to access your FTP site.

   To order your FTP site please use our secure order form . Your FTP site will be set up and ready to use within one business day.

   Need more information about our FTP Server Space? Click here.

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