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Corporate Email

   Email accounts for the highest volume of traffic on the Internet. It can give you instant communication to anywhere in the world.

What is corporate email?

   We are defining corporate email as any email using your own domain name ( ex: ). As long as you have your own domain name registered, we can supply you with email for it. Even if another provider is hosting your web site.

What are my options?

   In order to explain your email options, let's define a few terms.

Email Address
Email addresses are of the form This is similar to a postal address in that in order for someone to send you email they simply address it to your email address. There are two parts to an email address. The part to the left of the @ symbol is the 'account'. The part to the right of the @ symbol is the 'domain name'.

Mail Box
A place on a mail server where your email is stored until you retrieve it. Typically each email address has a corresponding 'mail box' where email messages are stored until you log onto the internet and retrieve them.

Email addresses can also be set up to automatically forward to a different email address.

Email addresses can be set up so the email for more than one address all goes to one mail box. This is called aliasing.

Unlimited Aliasing
This is a special form of aliasing. An email address can be set up so that all mail sent to a domain will go to it. This is very popular for small businesses. If your domain name is, all email with the the domain will automatically go to this email address (,,, etc. ). There is a very useful exception to this. Any email address using your domain that is specifically set up separately can have a separate mail box or forwarding address. This allows you to give employees their own separate email addresses and still allow you the flexibility of unlimited aliasing.

   Our most popular product is sold as an add on to our web site hosting. An email address using your domain with unlimited aliasing for an additional $10 per month. If we are not hosting your web site, the same service is $15 per month. Additional email addresses ( for your employees for example ) are $5 per month with quantity discounts for quantities above three.

List Servers

   A list server is a special email account. Whenever someone sends email to this 'list server email address' the email goes out to everyone on it's list. If someone emails a question, the question is emailed to everyone on the list. If one or more people on the list responds to the question, the responses are emailed to everyone on the list. In effect you get an electronic group discussion. The list can be manually set up or you can set it up so people can subscribe and unsubscribe to it from your web site. Email can also be monitored so you can control content.

   This has many applications. It is widely used to create an information resource and discussion forum for many technical topics or specialized areas of interest. It can also be used to disseminate information and facilitate discussions among groups of people who may be geographically separated.

   Pricing for this service starts at $30 per month. Number of subscribers and volume of email dictate the price.

   Please call or email us to set up your account or discuss your options.

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